What parameters can I measure with the system?

Currently, Innovasea's Realtime Monitoring system offers the following parameters:

aquaMeasure Sensors:

  • Dissolved Oxygen

  • Water Temperature

  • Chlorophyll A Fluorescence

  • Blue-green Algae

  • Turbidity

  • CDOM

aquaDopp Current Profiler:

  • Current Speed & Direction (Single Point)

  • Current Speed & Direction (Water Column Profiles)

Weather Station:

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Air Temperature

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Relative Humidity

Visit our coming soon page for new sensors.

Why use wireless sensors?

Innovasea incorporates wired and wireless sensor technologies into our system infrastructure. Wireless aquaMeasure sensors use a unique and robust underwater acoustic telemetry system offering several advantages including:

  1. Sensor positioning: The sensor can be positioned at any depth at a distance of up to 500m away from the acoustic receiver.

  2. The sensor can be repositioned without the need to manage excess cable or purchase additional longer cables to accommodate longer distances between the new sensor position and the hub.

  3. The acoustic receiver can manage more than 60 sensors.

How do the aquaMeasure sensors send data through the water?

aquaMeasure sensors use sound pulses at variable frequencies to transmit data through the water to the receiver.

What happens after I purchase a system?

The customer success team will reach out and provide a brief installation guide that we can use to configure aquaCurrent based on your site location, system configuration, user access, notifications and thresholds.

Do I have to install the equipment myself?

Innovasea equipment is easy to use and deploy. We also provide a detailed operation and installation manual and instrument cleaning guideline to support installation and routine maintenance. We also provide pricing for direct field support if you desire on-site training and installation guidance.

Do I have to calibrate aquaMeasure sensors on site?

The aquaMeasure sensors are very stable with low drift characteristics over time if the sensors are routinely cleaned.

How many sensors do I need on my farm?

This depends on many variables and can be very site-specific. In some instances, farmers believe that monitoring a few key parameters like dissolved oxygen and water temperature at one or more depths in a single pen is sufficient. In many locations, this monitoring program may expand to all pens on a farm and may include other parameters to derive salinity, current speed/direction, turbidity and phytoplankton concentration.

How far can I put sensors away from the aquaHub?

Typically the aquaMeasure sensor can communicate effectively within a 500m radius of the acoustic receiver.

Can I measure water current, speed and direction?

Innovasea can provide several options for current speed and direction monitoring on the farm or position away from the farm location.

Can I log data with my aquaMeasure sensors?

Yes, each aquaMeasure sensor can operate in stand-alone mode (memory and internal power) or in real-time acoustic telemetry mode. Data acquisition frequencies can be adjusted by the user and offloaded via Bluetooth and a phone app that we provide free of charge with the sensor. So if you want to use a single sensor to monitor a parameter at a location that does not include the aquaHub infrastructure, it can be installed and data retrieved at regular intervals after recovery.

Does the system work without overnight power and internet shortages?

The aquaMeasure system has several layers of data protection. Data is archived at the aquaMeasure sensor and at the receiver to ensure that data can be transferred if there are any issues with the wireless telemetry systems that we use. The aquaHub includes a rechargeable battery that when fully charged, will allow the system to operate for several days during a power outage or very low light conditions (solar-powered option). The aquaMeasure sensors also supply their own power with a single D-CELL battery that can operate for up to 1 year with data collection events 5 minutes per day.

Can I receive notifications when my Dissolved Oxygen levels are low?

Yes, the aquaCurrent software will allow the user to set thresholds for each parameter of interest and generate notifications via email or SMS when those thresholds have been exceeded.

What customer support and training is provided after a system purchase?

Innovasea Instrumentation, with service offices in Bergen, Norway and Halifax, Canada is committed to providing superior customer service and support to our valued customers. Support from our Norway office can be provided via phone or email, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET with additional support from our office in Halifax from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM CET. Our service and technical support team can also provide online webinars to discuss deployment planning and system-level training. Our support commitment is to provide issue resolution within 1 business day of receiving any request for assistance. Our commitment to service extends well beyond sensor calibrations, repairs and replacements. Innovasea Instrumentation software is designed to report site/farm level issues in real-time, with triggers for our support team, so that we can reach out to you, if we identify a problem, in order to provide you with advanced notice and potential solutions.

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