Tech Tip #1: Notifications

Did you know that aquaCurrent can be set up to trigger an alarm on your PC when your oxygen thresholds are surpassed?

Using notifications is a great way to receive critical information when it counts the most.
For a complete list of available notifications, select Settings > Notification Settings in the aquaCurrent sidebar. Enable the slider button next to the desired parameter and set the range threshold. When the threshold is breached you will hear an alarm sound that is impossible to ignore!

Notification Settings

Tech Tip #2: Reports

Let our software work for you. aquaCurrent generates weekly reports with the click of a button, allowing you to summarize and share data with ease. There are two report types available: a site summary and a water quality report that helps satisfy ASC regulations. For access, simply select Reports in the sidebar menu in aquaCurrent, select the desired time range and report type to generate the report. The document can be accessed online or distributed to others by sharing a link.

Site Summary Report-01

Tech Tip #3: Weather Station

Feeling a bit breezy out on your site? With aquaCurrent and our third-party Airmar weather station, you will have access to real-time weather, 24/7. Farmers will be able to monitor important environmental conditions above the water such as air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed (including wind gusts) and wind direction. Weather data can be viewed in the upper-right tile on your sites dashboard. To set the desired units for wind speed and direction, open Settings in the sidebar and select Profile. You can access historical data by selecting Charts in the sidebar, select your site, weather and the time range you are interested in.


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