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Data-Driven Aquaculture

Aquaculture farmers are leading the transition to a data-driven approach to seafood production. Modern large-scale farms are digitizing operations by adopting IoT, cloud computing and machine learning technologies to enable data-driven farming. At Innovasea, we provide farmers with the technology they need to collect and gain insights from this data. Our line of realtime monitoring solutions feature innovative underwater communications technology and cloud software that delivers data where customers need it. Our solutions range from complete wireless site monitoring to single pen and cloud-sync data logging. We currently support fourteen unique environmental measurements and are continuously adding new sensors.

Why Pen Monitoring

Single Pen Solution.

In a heavily regulated industry, a pen monitoring solution is the perfect way to gather environmental data for compliance and ASC certification. Although monitoring in every cage is beneficial for data-driven farming, our pen monitoring solution is an easy way to start collecting data on a farm while also having the option to scale to a complete site monitoring solution in the future.

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Our Solution

Rugged & Reliable.

We offer a rugged and reliable solution for collecting multiple parameters for individual aquaculture pens. Our all-in-one system consists of a rugged hub that can gather data from cabled and wireless sensors enabling measurements of dissolved oxygen and salinity to be taken at different depths. Data is sent to the cloud via GPRS or satellite and can be streamed in real-time on a user friendly software platform.


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Compliance Monitoring
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GPRS and Satellite
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Quick Installation
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Asset Tracking
Current Monitoring
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Batter and AC Powered


ASC Reports

Our cloud software gives farmers the ability to export the environmental reports they need to comply with the ASC standards.

Advanced Visualizations

Our software provides a set of continuously evolving analytics tools that give sea farmers the ability to easily view data the way they want to see it.

Current Profiling

Current profilers can be connected to our hub and used to measure water current velocity and direction at different depths.

Buoy Options

We offer buoys that can house cloud communication hubs, current profilers and real-time sensors, all constructed to withstand the roughest of ocean conditions.

Weather Station

Weather stations can be used to monitor the environmental conditions above the water. Measure air temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction in realtime.

International Service & Support

With offices and support teams situated in key locations around the world, we will be with you every step of the way to try to make your experience with our products an easy one!