Data Logging
Cloud Sync Technology

Why Data Logging?

Historical data is crucial in understanding and predicting trends of environmental conditions in and around aquaculture operations. Data loggers are great tools for gathering historical data from areas in which real-time information is not critical.

Our Solution

Reimagining Data Collection

Our aquaMeasure sensors have an integrated data logging capability thats allows them to be utilized as cloud-synced data loggers, reimagining how data is collected in the field. Set and forget the sensors for up 12 months at a time. Once data is offloaded, it can be sent to the cloud for future analysis. The built-in Bluetooth wireless link means you can say goodbye to custom field readers and shuttles.

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iOS & Android Applications
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Easy Deployment Features
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Data Management


Rugged Housing

Rugged and tested housing, perfect for deployment in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Quick Data Offload

Quick and easy data offload via Bluetooth to iOS and Android devices.

Minimal Maintenance

Long battery life means less maintenance.