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At Innovasea we continue to innovate and make our customers lives easier by creating new products and solutions that solve their problems. Aquaculture is a quickly developing industry and we like to stay ahead of the game and deliver state of the art technology to our clients. Here’s some of our latest developments that are set for release to market in the near future.

aquaMeasure pH

Stage: Prototype

The aquaMeasure pH is a compact, wireless underwater sensor that measures pH, temperature and tilt in real-time.


aquaMeasure LIGHT

Stage: Prototype

The aquaMeasure LIGHT is a compact, wireless underwater sensor that measures light, temperature and tilt in real-time.

aquaMeasure Light-01

Plankton Monitoring

Stage: Prototype

We've been working on a Plankton Monitoring database that works as a module of our existing software platform.

Plankton Monitoring

aquaHub 2.0

Stage: Pre-production

aquaHub 2.0 is the next generation aquaHub built with our customers needs in mind. The hub is lighter, more robust and built for multiple 3rd party sensor attachments.

aquaHubV2_Edit 2

Biomass Camera

Stage: Pre-production

The Innovasea biomass camera gives farmers the tools they need to continuously measure the biomass of their sites. The camera combines a rugged stereoscopic sensor and machine learning technology into a standalone device to measure the size, and ultimately the weight of fish in a cage.


IP Camera System

Stage: Pre-production

The Innovasea IP Camera is a durable and versatile subsea camera that captures high definition video, enabling farmers to observe their fish in realtime. Along with fish observation, high-resolution video can also be combined with machine learning such as pellet detection and satiation monitoring.

IP Camera-01

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