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aquaMeasure is a family of compact, submersible environmental sensors with underwater and in-air wireless communications that can measure the following in realtime:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Chlorophyll
  • BG Algae
  • Turbidity
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The aquaHub is the core of the system deployed in the field and can be easily mounted to existing aquaculture infrastructure or feed barges. Key features include:

  • Cloud Communications
  • Easy to Mount
  • Remote Telemetry Protocols
  • Mobile Configuration
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
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Innovasea suite of cloud-software includes both aquaCurrent and RealFish platforms. These platforms lead the way in viewing aquaculture environmental data in realtime. Key features include:

  • Cloud Data Management
  • Realtime Updates
  • Responsive Design
  • iOS/Android Applications
  • Configurable Notifications
  • .CSV Downloads
  • Weekly Reports

Full list of industries

Offshore Aquaculture
Environmental Monitoring
Nearshore Aquaculture
Waste Water Management
Land-based Aquaculture
Water Quality Monitoring


At Innovasea, we are setting the stage for the next generation of aquaculture systems that are better for fish, better for people, and better for the planet.

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