March 2020 marks the release of the aquaHub II. The aquaHub II is a surface telemetry unit, that allows for real-time data acquisition of aquaMeasure acoustic underwater sensors, as well as provides a seamless unification of various technologies. Development of the aquaHub II provides valuable key feature updates such as:

  • The use of a 5 Ah Nanophosphate lithium-ion battery providing faster charging, consistent output and excellent charge cycle life as opposed to the previous lead-acid battery in the aquaHub I.
  • A new mounting solution developed for a wide range of sea pen mounting locations, with a quick and easy attachment method.
  • System Status Window located on the front of the aquaHub II. This allows users to view the “heartbeat” which displays various colours, signifying charging status and system warnings
  • Support of Legacy AOS Modbus cables sensors.
Hub Comparison Chart-01

aquaHub II Features

The aquaHub II is a scalable telemetry solution that can be configured with either AC power or fitted with a solar panel in three configuration options:

  • AquaDopp Current Profiler, Weather Station & Acoustic Receiver
  • 4 Modbus probes, AquaDopp Current Profiler & Acoustic Receiver
  • 4 Modbus probes, Weather Station & Acoustic Wireless Receiver

For more information on the aquaHub II please email Allan Hirsch, Global Product Manager.

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