Innovasea Systems, Inc. of Boston MA. announced today that it has acquired all of the outstanding shares of Water Management Technologies Inc. (WMT) of Baton Rouge LA. WMT will become a new business unit within Innovasea named Land Systems and operate alongside the existing Farm Systems, Instrumentation and Fish Tracking business units. Terry McCarthy, President of WMT, will lead the new Land Systems business unit as Vice President and General Manager.

For 25 years, WMT has designed and supplied Intake, Effluent and Complete Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) to commercial fish farms, aquaculture research entities and government hatcheries worldwide.

Innovasea Systems enables sustainable use of our ocean and freshwater ecosystems.  Through its Farm Systems, Instrumentation and Fish Tracking business units, Innovasea is creating a comprehensive, sustainable solution for open-ocean aquaculture.

According to Terry McCarthy, President of WMT, “With the vigorous growth underway within the recirculating aquaculture systems sector, becoming part of the Innovasea team will significantly broaden our capability and also provide the needed resources to grow and capitalize on the opportunities presently in the marketplace.”

David Kelly, CEO of Innovasea states, “For a quarter of a century WMT has been a leader in flow-through and RAS technology with demonstrated expertise in both freshwater and saltwater systems. The acquisition of WMT adds nursery/hatchery solutions to our existing open ocean grow-out systems. This enables Innovasea to provide complete egg to harvest solutions for our clients.”

About InnovaSea Systems Inc.
InnovaSea Systems, Inc. is a technology-based company that produces innovative, fully integrated commercial open-ocean fish farming systems.  InnovaSea is leading the challenge of doubling marine protein production to support the needs of a growing world in a manner that is scalable, sustainable and in accordance with being a good steward of ocean resources.

About Water Management Technologies, Inc.

WATER MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. offers design, installation and start-up, service and support alongside a comprehensive line of equipment to satisfy a variety of water quality concerns particularly focused on recirculating aquaculture systems. Water Management Technologies, Inc. designs scalable RAS that is simple, energy efficient and easy to operate and maintain.  At WMT when our clients grow, the industry grows and we become one step closer to feeding a hungry world.

For further information, contact:

For WMT:

Terry McCarthy
President, WMT
(225) 755-0026

For InnovaSea:

David Kelly
CEO, Innovasea Systems
(617) 863-2067

SOURCE InnovaSea Systems

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